Assembling your new playhouse

To assemble your playhouse should be just as fun as playing in it. We have therefore been working hard for the playhouse to be easily assembled using the highest quality of all components and precision manufacturing. 

Here you find instructions and informative videos on how to assemble your new playhouse. This will show you how easy it is!

Tools you need

  • Power screwdriver
  • T20 and T25 bits
  • M8 hexagon socket (for steel plate roof.)
  • Small ladder
  • Spirit level for laying foundation

What you need to buy

  • Wood Glue and a brush to seal the plywood details that are exposed to wind and rain.
  • Latex sealant to fill in gaps between panel and joins. 
  • Primer and outdoor paint
  • 20 pcs  (24 pieces for XL models) 35 x 35cm cement blocks and gravel for proper drainage
Easy peasy!

Ground preparation

Preparation of the foundation is usually the step that takes the most time. This must be done accurately!

Instruction videos (Swedish)

Assembling your playhouse

Assembling acrylic glass

Assembling the deck

Here are instructions how to assemble the deck (Swedish)

Laying the steel plate roofing

Bend the base plate where it is cut, and fasten with one screw on each side of the porch roof as far down as possible (See pictures below: This is why it is important to put the skrew as close to the edge as possible)

Hook the right angled groove plate in the base plate so that it does not slip down.

Install the left angled groove plate in the same way. Secure with a screw at the top.

Roof plate is 2 cm up from the roof edge.

6-7 cm from the groove.