What is included in the standard version?

This is included as standard:

  • Pressure impregnated floor
  • Acrylic glass, UV-resistant plexiglass windows (does not discolour)
  • Window bars
  • Floor of 12 mm birch plywood and roof in 12 mm pine plywood.
  • Vertical or horizontal panel (choose yourself at no extra cost)
  • Pressure impregnated decking (For the models that have decking)
  • Porch Railing (For the models with railing)

What you need to buy:

  • Roofing felt or steel plate roofing from us.

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How do I get my playhouse delivered?

The playhouses are delivered in modules, i.e. wall sections with doors, window frames and all the details attached. A video on how to assemble the playhouse, you will find here.

Delivered to your home
We cooperate with Schenker when you choose to get your playhouse delivered to your door and the cost of transport varies, depending on the size and distance. Contact us for an exact price.

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How long time does the assembly take?

To assemble your playhouse should be just as fun as playing in it. We have therefore been working hard for the playhouse to be easily assembled using the highest quality of all components and precision manufacturing. 

It takes, for most, 3-6 hours to assemble the playhouse if you are two people.

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I want to use authentic tiles. What should I consider?

Use 21x95 as battens to strengthen the roof. (Normal battens are 25x35)
Let us know and we will arrange extra barge boards as the tiles build higher than steel metal roofing.

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What size should we choose?

This will help you to choose the size of your playhouse. The picture shows the interior dimensions of the playhouses. The table and chairs that are marked are IKEA's kids series Kritter.

How do I paint the playhouse?

The basic painting is important for the paint to adhere well. Should you paint with earth paint (ocher color) you should not because paint - the paint does not adhere. All other details like lining and trim should be primed.

You can also choose to receive your playhouse fully primed when you order.

What you need to buy:
  1. Wood glue and a brush to seal the plywood parts that are exposed to wind and water
  2. Utefog and mortar dispenser to fill in any gaps between panels and feed
  3. Primer and outdoor color (you paint with earth paint / ocher color you paint without primer)

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What does home delivery cost?

We cooperate with Bring Cargo and SCHENKER when you choose to get your playhouse sent home and the cost of shipping varies depending on the size and distance. Get in touch to get an exact price.

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Need to be more than one person to assemble the playhouse?

The parts can be quite bulky and heavy so you should be 2 persons.

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How to order? And what happens next?

Contact us by email or phone and we will compile your request with a confirmation of a total price and confirmation of the required delivery week, which you then can choose to approve.

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What is the delivery time?

About 2 weeks from September to March, then ca. 2-4 weeks during the warmer parts of the year.

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What materials are the playhouses built of?

  1. Walls consist of 45 × 45 and 45 × 95 joists and tongued and grooved timber.
  2. The floor is made from 12 mm birch plywood
  3. Roof consists of 12 mm plywood
  4. All details such as pillars, door, etc. consists of birch plywood and pine
  5. Decking is made of 28 x 95 mm pressure impregnated for best stability and durability
  6. The floor structure, i.e. the floor joists and the deck consists of impregnated wood, 45 × 70 mm

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How to pay?

Payment is done by bank transfer as we dispatch.
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Can I order my playhouse prepainted?

You can get your playhouse primed in white. We paint it with XXXX
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We have tried to get the website as informative as possible and to make it easy for you to decide on your new playhouse. If you don´t find answers to your queries, please contact us.

Text, email or call!

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